Virtual Club

With the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, your camera club is proactively exploring exciting new ways of running the club in a ‘virtual’ world until the 2M social distancing rule is relaxed!

We have launched an online competition system, which can also be used for critiquing images. We have the private Facebook members group, which already has over 50% of the members signed up.

We have access to a pro Zoom account and can now run online club meetings and lectures for up to 100 participants. Zoom is a highly effective tool for allowing the club to still function, with online meetings, remote lectures (many professional photographers are now offering their Zoom lectures to clubs) and training and development. Zoom also allows for screen sharing, so if there is interest we can look to run online training sessions and workflow presentations by the more experienced photographers in the club. Even 1-2-1 sessions for mentoring.

The very first BACC ‘Virtual’ committee meeting took place on Tuesday 21 April 2020! A milestone in itself and the next committee meeting is planned for 12 May and thereafter committee meetings will take place with the normal monthly schedule.

So what we now need is your ideas and input! If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see implemented in the new ‘Virtual Club’ can you please email

To take part in the first competition, please register your own new virtual club user account @

You will have received the 6 digit PIN CODE to access this page, which will be used on all areas of the site that we need to make private.


To enter an online competition, you must first login in. If you haven’t already done so, register on the site, which is a fully automated process.