Special Set Subjects

The BACC Set Subjects are listed on the right.

The Special Set Subject event is not a competition, it’s an informal “show and tell”.
The idea is to go out and get new pictures rather than search back through your old stuff!!
So photos must have been taken in the month leading up to the project evening.

The subject for the next assignment is :-

“Views of Yesteryear”
What it means to you.
Whatever your interpretation is…….

The project evening will be held by Zoom on

Monday 3rd June 2024 Starting at 7.00pm


  • A random subject is chosen.
  • You take some photos based on your interpretation of the subject.
  • Upload at least one (max 6!) images to the meeting web gallery page.
  • Join in on the Zoom project evening and show what you have done, how you did it and get feedback.
  • Digital images should be JPEG format (Max 1600px wide x 1200px high, sRGB) as for club competition projection.
  • Be prepared to give a brief description of your interpretation of the subject and a give a bit of information about how you image was captured, adjusted, etc.
  • Join in with constructive comments and critiques.

    Now get out and use your camera!

To upload your images:
First make sure you login, using the form on the right with your user name.
Then just click on the Red Current Special Subject Button to enter.

The images must be a maximum of 1,600px wide x 1,200px high and the file size is restricted to 2MB.




To enter an online competition, you must first login in. If you haven’t already done so, register on the site, which is a fully automated process.

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