Club members monthly print competitions are back for season 2021 – 2022

There will be 5 monthly print competitions in season 2021 – 2022

The dates and Judges are

Hand-in date        Judging date          Judge

  7th Oct                 4th Nov             Bob Humphreys

4th Nov                2nd Dec             Ian McCurragh

  2nd Dec               20th Jan            Neil Blair

  20th Jan              17th Feb            David Clark

  17th Feb             17th March         Kevin McIntosh

Members can enter a total of 2 prints in each of these monthly competitions.  The entries can be 2 Colour  or  2 Mono  or  1 Colour and 1 Mono.

The hand in and competition dates can also be found on the Clubs website diary.

We will also have a Print of the Year Competition on the 21st April 2022.  Members can enter their best 2 prints that were previously entered the above monthly competitions.

The annual Portfolio Competition will be on the 31st March 2022.  This year the portfolios should each consist of 3 prints on a theme (Triptych).

Each member can enter a total of 2 portfolios and as normal the competition will be judged by the members.

Competition prints can be any size but must be mounted and fit on 400 x 500 mm mount board and can be in portrait or landscape format. The subject matter as normal will be Open so members can choose what subjects to enter. Home printed or trade printed prints are allowed.

A Club print label should be attached to the back of each print. Blank labels will be available in the Club prior to the start of the new season. 

At this stage we are not sure if print competitions will be held in the Club or on Zoom.  If the competition is being held on Zoom members entering will also be asked to supply a 1600 x 1200 jpg copy of the print.

The Club operates a league system for competitions with promotions and demotions each year depending on the league table scores.   League one colour and league one mono each consist of 15 members and all other members are in League two. A complete list of who is in each league will be published prior to the start on the new season.

Complete competition rules can be found in the Clubs Members Handbook.