18th March 2020

The impact and response to Cronovirus is changing rapidly and most camera clubs across the country are closing down this week.  For Bon Accord it is planned to terminate the syllabus after this Thursday’s 5th monthly print competition.
Any members with coughs, snivels, temperatures, “underlying medical conditions” etc. must not attend.  There will be no tea/coffee or raffle.
Print competition scores will be circulated to members.

The final print competitions of the season (POTY and Portfolio) will be cancelled.
I’m awaiting clarification as to whether the DPI of Year might go ahead remotely.
The AGM will be postponed (possibly until September).
The Awards Night will be postponed (possibly until September).
Tutorial and Special Interest Groups will stop for the foreseeable future.
The Studio and Club Facilities will be out of use for the foreseeable future.
The Summer Program will be on hold until we can come out of lock-down.

Arrangements for Membership Renewal will be circulated shortly

Also note:
The Grampian Eye competition day in Forres has been cancelled and the venue has shut down.  However, judging should go ahead remotely and results circulated.
Forres hope to keep expenses to a minimum and be able to refund tickets in due course.

The Spring Weekend is cancelled as the Shearings hotel will be out of operation.

The 3-way “Tri-Colour” inter-club competition with South London and Cardiff has been cancelled.